MARCH 2017

 THE OLD 505

Created by Carissa Licciardello & Gretel Vella


It’s an ancient process as old as time itself. That’s right, you can say it out loud. Menstruation. Roughly translated from Italian, ‘men- stru -ation’ literally means ‘Men, we have a situation’. Bloating, acne, mood swings worse than a agoraphobic in a tent on windy night, menstruation is all a part of that magical monthly cycle. You know the one - Every three weeks, a woman’s body realises it’s smaller than a man’s and dispels the excess blood it has wrongly, naively produced.


A smash-up of clowning, sketch comedy and cabaret A Period Piece is a show that throws open the doors on everything you need to know about being a woman who bleeds in a man’s world. It's a candid, indelicate, uproarious look at the pain you don’t see and the blood you sometimes do.


It’s a bloody good time.


Directed by Carissa Licciardello

Written by Gretel Vella

Production Designer Nick Fry

Lighting Designer Martin Kinnane

Musical Director Hannah Cheers

Production Manager Lou Mason

Stage Manager Madeleine Osborne

Design Assistant Luke D'Alessandro

Original music by Mikaela Atallah, Hannah Cheers & Clare Hennessy

With Mikaela Atallah, Hannah Cheers, Julia Christensen, Clare Hennessy, Mat Lee, Julia Robertson & James Wright



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